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Garden Report

Hello All! Finally have some cherry tomatoes! Fruits! They're green though, and students last day is next Fri.  Will give the 5 planters Ellen provided to students to take home during summer and leave large bins in office, if office staff wish to adopt.  Otherwise, I'll take home to maintain during summer. Tomato plants [...]

March Report

4/2/15 Update:  DMS Family and Consumer Sciences Indoor Garden.  Tomato plants growing well. Plan is to make strombolis with homemade pizza crust and classroom-grown tomatoes at harvest time.  Very enthusiastic and anticipating yummy deliciousness!  Students are intrigued and engaged.  Garden logs are being completed per plan. Other wondrous side benefits of indoor FACS garden?  Students are actively [...]

February Report

Here are today's pics on maturing tomato seedlings! (Herbs forthcoming). The tomato seedling I'm concerned about is one of the experiments in the window.  The one in the bottle that originally grew in the dark has not progressed:(  however, all the others are doing very well!  Demonstrating diverse planting locations, soil/non-soil matter, frigid window temps, and lighting has piqued [...]