Grayson LandCare incorporated as a 501c3 in 2007 as a grassroots organization devoted to the triple bottom line:  improving economic opportunities, preserving our environment, and improving the lives of our citizens.  We have a thriving local food scene, with pastured meats, organic vegetables and fruit and nut orchards.  With the help of a VA Tech graduate student, we are exploring ways to use forested land to generate income without harvesting the timber.  Our annual public education event, the Save Green Expo, was held on Sept. 13th in Galax.  And every spring we hold a Land Stewardship contest for 8-12th graders resulting in a Stewardship Fair that is full of innovative ideas from our youth.   LandCare is a model used throughout Australia as a way for local residents to take control of what happens to their land and natural resources.

Kathy Cole