Circle of Partners Initiative – bringing SWVA’s “local foods” together

In response to the prevalent regional question “Who is out there?” (whether producers or local foods organizations and farmers markets or special programs) and the expressed wish for “a way to know what is being done in SWVA and to avoid re-inventing the wheel,” in 2013 SO Fresh began initiating gatherings of local foods organizations and other groups for which “local foods” is a significant part of what they do.

We call it the “Circle of Partners.” See Partners listing. Please contact us to have your local foods organization included.

In 2014 this group identified three key tasks to enable networking and desired collaborations to enhance Southwest Virginia’s “locally grown/produced, locally sold” capacity. Working together, by February 2015 these have become a reality.

  1. An online calendar containing regional local foods classes and events, thereby providing the public and the organizations with one place to find a comprehensive listing of what is going on in SWVA local foods. See Regional Calendar
  2. An online local foods guide for buyers to locate producers and restaurants and for visitors to find agritourism opportunities. See SWVA Local Foods Guide
  3. A system of communication among the Circle of Partners, allowing an exchange of planning information and discussion of issues.