4/2/15 Update:  DMS Family and Consumer Sciences Indoor Garden.  Tomato plants growing well.

Plan is to make strombolis with homemade pizza crust and classroom-grown tomatoes at harvest time.  Very enthusiastic and anticipating yummy deliciousness!  Students are intrigued and engaged.  Garden logs are being completed per plan.

Other wondrous side benefits of indoor FACS garden?  Students are actively developing Workplace Readiness Skills of the Commonwealth (see WRSList, aka 21 CENTURY SKILLS!)

  • Students are learning to adapt to expected and unexpected changes and modify plans as necessary.
  • Sensing critical need to re-design garden logs to demonstrate changes in variables and containers and working diligently to reflect changes.
  • Becoming more organized as they bring their folders w/garden log, pencils, and reading material.
  • Personal interest of plants initiate automatic update garden log upon getting to class.
  • Problem solving as we run into snags….are seeking solutions.
  • Developing awareness of classroom plant growth
  • Adhering to plant care responsibilities

Very excited and proud of our efforts!

Happy Easter!