Your support, whether volunteer hours, in-kind or monetary contributions, sponsorships, collaborations, or ideas, creates the lifeblood and the benefit of our service to Southwest Virginia.

As an all-volunteer community service organization supporting local foods in many exciting ways, Southwest Virginia Fresh (SO Fresh for short) is bringing consumers and producers together, providing educational & marketing opportunities to enhance and promote a greater local foods economy throughout southwestern Virginia, fostering collaborations among the region’s local foods organizations and promoting their work and events as well.

Want to be a part and not sure how to be? Wonder if we could help you in doing your work? Just contact us and we’ll figure it out! There are all manner of things to do and ways to do it.

With your support, know that you are contributing to this picture:

  • enhanced availability of ‘locally grown/produced, locally sold’ foods in Southwest Virginia;
  • a local and rural community whose character includes a thriving economic opportunity for future farmers in locally produced foods;
  • children, the buying public, and producers educated about agriculture and the benefits and techniques of producing, selling, or buying local foods;
  • local producers who have marketing assistance and access to a growing network of sellers and buyers in the region;
  • collaborations among regional local foods organizations to enhance the work of each and better serve southwestern Virginia as a whole.

 Additional Benefits:

  • Be part of our planning for the region.
  • Receive updates and first notifications about seminars, events, and current information.

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Are You Ready to Get Involved?

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